Budget Travel For the End of the Year

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Today, I’ve got a great guest post by Kara from the blog From Frugal to Free. This one is perfect for anyone out there looking to get some last minute travel in before the end of the year. You know, without breaking the bank — of course.


2016 is rapidly coming to a close, and what a year it’s been. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little break. Luckily, there’s still a chance to sneak in one last vacation!

I know that after a long year, vacation is all I dream about. I can’t seem to shake the memories of winter break from school, when we had a whole week off. Sleeping in late and nothing to do with your whole day…those were the days!

Since you probably can’t take a ton of time off before the holidays, or even for the holidays, weekend trips are a good idea for this time of year. Taking a Friday off from work is easier than taking a week off for the holidays. Work is still a thing, after all.

No matter what kind of trip you decide to take, here are a few tips to keep the price manageable.


Skip the flight- Flights anywhere around this time of year are going to be expensive. Take the car, train, or bus to get to your destination and forgo the airport altogether.

Snacks are overrated- Well, ok, I love snacks. But I don’t love paying for them! Bring your food and snacks from home, or get them from the grocery store at your destination. High priced snacks at gas stations or convenience stores add up very quickly when you’re traveling.

Split the cost: Recruit a friend or your partner to travel with you. Splitting the cost by two for housing, gas, or food makes things much cheaper than if you’re going alone.

Follow hotels on social media: A lot of deals can be scored by following companies on social media. Companies reward their followers with deals they don’t share elsewhere. You can score big just by cruising their channels.

Be flexible on dates: It can be tricky to find deals this time of year since everyone is on the move. Be open with your arrival times and travel dates if you can. Flexibility can mean the difference between a $100 train ticket and a $50 one.

With the holidays right around the corner, budgets might be tighter than usual. Even with a small budget, there’s still a way to get away from the grind for a few days. Save where you can and splurge where you really want to. Vacations should be a treat — just not one you go into debt for!

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