What are we all about?

The FRUGALennial is about closing the gap between the current you and the version that you know you were meant to be.

Here, we believe that it IS possible to avoid the temptation of the consumer-driven culture and live a life of financial independence.

Have you ever been frustrated by debt and the stronghold it appears to have on your life? Do you feel like knowledge of budgeting, credit, and investing could help your situation but don’t know where to look?

Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

  • Consider this your go-to resource. We want to create a safe place where discussing finances is not taboo or awkward. Together we’ll share our successes and failures. We’ll educate each other through community and hopefully change the trajectory of personal finance for our generation.

A little about the CFO (Chief Frugality Officer)

My name is Kelby…and I’m a Personal Finance nerd. No, really…I’m the person that creates excel budgets and loves to see that they balance at the end of the month.

I’ve been known to bore my wife more than a time or two with graphs and charts about where our finances stand today and how, if we change ‘x’, we’ll be ‘here’ in a year.

Before I go too far, let me be clear….THIS BLOG WILL NOT BE THAT (well at least not intentionally).

See, I was not always this way – in fact, I was the polar opposite. Years ago, I felt entitled (I hate strongly dislike this word) to a certain lifestyle and particular material possessions because I ‘deserved’ it.

I worked hard, I made decent money – why couldn’t I spend 80% of my paycheck before the direct deposit cleared and the other 70% (I know the math doesn’t add up but I was REALLY spending that much more than what I made) by the following weekend.

Along the way a switch flipped. I grew tired of feeling like I was slowly drowning in financial quick sand. I kept hearing the same recurring theme from people close to me that debt and living paycheck to paycheck were the norm, and I might as well just succumb to that realization.

I KNEW there HAD to be a better way

A few years ago, I decided to completely change my habits and began to live a life of frugality. Nothing extreme, I just started to take a closer look at what I was spending and why.

Over time, I began to dispel the myths that society taught about money and decided to share my journey online.

This blog is many things. Part creative outlet, part accountability, but more than anything a place to have conversations about the relationship young adults have with money.

Here, there will be a little bit of everything: from frugality and paying off debt to investing, building wealth and everything in between.

So What’s Next?

If you’re ready to get started, here are a few things to get you on your way:

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Kelby aka The Frugalennial